Our Diet at the Farm

For over 17 years we have fed all the dogs at Dancing Creek Farm kibble. I can’t speak for other brands. After careful research we chose Acana and Orijen. Finding an affordable solution for our customers and their dogs. Dancing Creek Farm is a long term boarding facility. It was important to me to select a diet and supplements that would allow dogs to thrive. This post is exactly what we use at the farm. Hopefully it helps those of you on a budget but want to feed your dogs a good diet.

Acana Red Meat Formula

Acana Free Run Poultry Formula


For most dogs we alternate a few days poultry then a few days red meats. Each of these formulas have a variety of meats.

We add Ultra Oil daily
For skin and coat

We add Plaqueoff for teeth
It’s goes in food. Amazing stuff

Since it’s not possible to add organic fruits and vegetables for 70 plus dogs we use Green Viberance three times a week.
1/2 - 1/4 teaspoon for dogs under 20 lbs
Teaspoon for dogs under 60
2 teaspoons for dogs over 60
Three times a week. It’s highly concentrated fruits and vegetables including superfoods. Read the ingredients at the link. This is a human grade product filled with beneficial probiotics.


We add raw organic sauerkraut. Three times a week. About the same measurements as green Viberance above. It doesn’t need to be a lot but you also can’t feed too much. I like this brand buy Eden.


We add raw organic apple cider vinegar. Three times a week. In food. The same measurements. You can’t over do it. We do mix it well before adding Ultra Oil.
I like and use Braggs. Walmart and most stores have it.

We use Acana canned wet food with Bone Broth.
Just a little to make it yummy. Maybe a teaspoon or two. We select things like duck or lamb to add more protein variety to the diet. It’s 85% meat.

Dogs with joint issues we use extra supplements. NatuVet there are different kinds depending on the level of joint or hip issues.


We add Golden Paste. Instructions at New Naturals you can make it at home. Golden paste is good for all types of health issues including and especially organs , muscles, joints and cancer.

We add additional bone broth I make for the dogs at the farm. My dogs get it daily.

We recommend Petandim to customers who ship it directly to the farm. My dogs, all ages take it for every level of health, anti aging, joint development, total revitalization.


Picky dogs- we mix up the supplements, vinegar, oil into more Acana wet with bone broth. We then mix the mixture into kibble adding a little more homemade bone broth.

The average budget for a dog 50-100 pounds is 120-150.00 per month. Many of the things like sauerkraut, vinegar, green Viberance last several months or longer depending how you buy. A 32 ounce of Ultra Oil is 40.99 if you keep in the fridge after opening it will last a very long time. You only need a few squirts.

As for shipping I’ll give you the high end on our recent donation to Donna Vest who lives in Louisiana.
2- 25lb bags of food, 32 oz ultra oil, 32 oz of Wondercide flea and tick preventative. We added some other free stuff. We always try to add free samples to our packages. 52.00 ground UPS. It’s was a lot of stuff

Most 25lb bags with supplements range from 20-25.00 shipping

We understand Chewy can offer free shipping on orders over 75.00. I wish we could.

Understand that the program was created to help provide discounts for military deployed and families in transition. To help pay for extra things (supplements and holistic care) for families that can’t afford it. We appreciate the support on going that extra mile. You are also getting my time and hands on support as a customer. Chewy or Amazon can’t provide this.

If you’d like to support us, our work and many families and don’t want to ship food please consider a one time or monthly donation to Haven Mia Bella there’s a donate button at the top of the page.

Haven Mia Bella

If each of our members donated just 5.00 monthly (everyone can afford 5.00) with 950 members that would be 4750.00 a month. That would help at least 8 military families get long term care for their dogs. The same level of care we provide our short term customers.

Or pay for an emergency situation for someone going through domestic violence, drug rehabilitation, homelessness, diapers and formula for a mom in need, fresh food for elderly. The list goes on.

I do not personally profit from my nonprofit work. All affiliate and product sales goes directly to Haven Mia Bella.

Thank you for your support. I’m going to also post this on our business page Advance Holistic Dog Nutrition if you’d like to share to help us with our mission.