Whole Foods and Supplements for Dogs - Is Raw Right for Your Dog?

This is important if you’re considering raw for cats or dogs. It’s a bit of a hassle to subscribe but Dr Karen Becker is definitely one of my “go to” educators.
In my personal opinion it’s best to choose a quality kibble or freeze dried dog food, add the right supplements and rotate occasional raw.
I feed my own dogs Acana & Orijen kibble. I add the following to their kibble:
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (tsp per 50 pounds- Under 50 1/2)
  • Raw ground pumpkin seed (tsp per 50 pounds- Under 50 1/2)
  • Sometimes I'll replace Apple Cider Vinegar with raw organic sauerkraut, same measurement.
  • I always add Petandim (supplement for oxidative stress)
  • Green Viberance (A human grade super food) 3 times a week
  • I might add raw ground beef, chicken or one of Acana's freeze dried raw foods.
  • Organic raw or lightly cooked egg 3 times a week
Change it up with full fat plain yogurt, maybe a little Acana canned wet with bone broth (great way to add moisture and hide the taste of supplements for picky eaters) I might even add a small handful of blueberries or finely chopped apple (without seeds)
If your dog has certain health issues you'll add supplements for that issue.
If you are on balanced diet, took the right supplements, well rested and enriched your spirit you’d feel amazing, look great and live longer. Dogs are no different.
Please check out this story by DR Karen Becker
A newly adopted 5-month old Sphinx kitten was taken to the vet by his owner because he was showing signs of rear leg lameness. X-rays revealed the kitten had below normal bone density (osteopenia), a growth plate problem in the right back leg and a fracture in the left back leg. In addition, the kitty was diagnosed with central retinal degeneration resulting from a taurine deficiency.
Fortunately, with several weeks of cage rest and a balanced diet, the kitten made a full recovery. But his story is a cautionary tale for pet owners who think feeding a species-appropriate diet to a dog or cat is as simple as offering hunks of raw muscle meat.
Strange as it may sound, feeding your pet an AAFCO approved commercially available processed diet is better than feeding unbalanced homemade meals. It’s crucially important your dog or cat gets all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients his body needs.
The ideal food for most healthy pets is, of course, balanced, species-appropriate raw food prepared at home, or purchased from one of several small companies who produce human grade, high quality raw diets for dogs and cats.