Canine Obesity- An Important Topic


Watch the video from veterinarian Dr Karen Becker. Click here to watch. It will open another window to YouTube 

Many large dog food companies not only use rendered meats but other fillers including fats and unhealthy grains or even sawdust. That’s right. 

Powdered cellulose is actually wood pulp (sawdust), believe it or not. Most of the cellulose used in pet food comes from pine trees. ... Excessive powdered cellulose in your pet's food will also cause him to produce a bigger volume of poop.

Acana is a biologically appropriate food offering a higher quality meat content. You pay more for a quality food but you’re giving your dog the best diet. 

Even the best dog food kibble we recommend adding whole foods to a kibble diet- cooked broccoli, spinach, kale, bok choy, finely chopped romaine lettuce and many other healthy greens. Some limited fruits such as berries, banana, organic fresh eggs. 

For a dog to lose weight you can feed a food such as Acana Singles - Beef and Pumpkin, Duck and Pear, Lamb and Apple. Reduce the amount of kibble and add fiber rich greens as mentioned above. All of these foods are in our store or just ask me for help. 

We do carry Acana Fit & Light Formula  that has more meat and fresh ingredients. 

Exercise is essential to dog health. Taking your dogs for walks, playing fetch or running. 

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