Canine Enrichment- Kongs and Recipes

Let’s talk about canine enrichment combined with dog health.

Kongs are great for enrichment. It’s a good way to get healthy supplements and healthy foods into your dogs diet. Excellent for chewers.

There are many recipes to fill kongs. What I don’t recommend is peanut butter, the cheese whiz Kong sells or any cheese.

Today I’ll share my favorite and what we use at the farm. In comments I’ll share other recipes as time allows.

Select the right size Kong for your dogs using the chart. You don’t want it too small to risk choking.

We use a food processor to blend ingredients.

A good quality canned dog food like Acana with bone broth. The link is for duck but we also sell beef, chicken and lamb. It’s 85% meat.

If you like you can use lightly cooked ground beef.

We put this in the food processor or a large bowl.

We add plain full fat organic yogurt or kefir. Maybe a half cup per 12 ounce can.

You can add supplements if you like. Maybe some digestive greens or some blueberries, banana, whatever fruits or vegetables your dog loves.

Once mashed well it’s time to fill your kongs. We take a ziplock bag, fill it with our mash. We squeeze the mix towards one corner. We cut a corner in the bottom of the bag. Stick the cut corner into the Kong and begin squeezing it into the Kong. You might stop part way to tap the Kong on the counter to shimmy the mix into the Kong. Once your kongs are full (you can do a few) place them in a freeze safe bowl or large ziplock bag. Put them in the freezer and give them to your dog frozen. It could make a mess as they start working and slobbering on the Kong. You don’t want to give this on the carpet! Maybe in the crate or on the porch or a surface you can clean afterwards.

This could be a meal. If it is you’ll include whatever you’re feeding- if you’re using kibble soak it in bone broth, warm water, yogurt or whatever. You can still blend in your food processor adding your greens, supplements- golden paste, ultra oil, whatever you’re feeding.

We sometimes use this for dogs that eat too fast to help digestion.

If you’re feeding raw finely chop your meats, mix your eggs and vegetables. You might have to spoon this in. You can even add a chicken foot leaving the toes hanging out the end.

If your dog is trying to lose weight make this their meal using the same weight loss meal you are feeding. Don’t do this and also feed meals normally.

If you have questions just ask in comments.

Here’s a link to ultra oil

Don’t forget Plaqueoff to help remove tarter from your dogs teeth. It’s incredible stuff. We use it for all of the dogs at the farm. No more brushing teeth! Just add it to food.