Can You Mix Raw and Kibble Together? Oh YES you can!

Of course we want our pets to have the BEST food! I love fresh healthy food too but with a busy schedule its not always possible. But I do make sure I eat some fresh foods and take supplements. 


Let's say you select two or three types of kibble you can rotate for better nutrition and your dog will LOVE the variety. 

You can buy large bags or smaller bags. You alternate foods each day. Don't worry about transition if you're feeding the same brand. If your dog has a sensitive stomach you can include Whole Foods and supplements to help correct this. Chances are you'll see a big improvement feeding a quality kibble. 

You'll add ;

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (tsp per 50 pounds- Under 50 1/2)
  • Raw ground pumpkin seed (tsp per 50 pounds- Under 50 1/2)
  • Sometimes I'll replace Apple Cider Vinegar with raw organic sauerkraut, same measurement.
  • I always add Petandim (supplement for oxidative stress)
  • Green Viberance (A human grade super food) 3 times a week
  • I might add raw ground beef, chicken or one of Acana's freeze dried raw foods.
  • Organic raw or lightly cooked egg 3 times a week

Your can add organ meats (just a little) sardines packed in water or olive oil or tuna. Sounds yummy? It is! 

Buy a quality meat. Grass fed and free range are best. You can buy in bulk and separate into ziplock bags then freeze to make feeding easier. If you lack freezer space you can purchase Acana Freeze Dried Raw. Get a few different varieties, rehydrate and mix in kibble or feed all raw a few days a week. Find something that works with your budget and lifestyle. 

If your dog has a health issue that needs extra support you can check out our supplements. If we don't carry it yet just email me and I'm happy to send you some links. My email



“In a perfect world, every animal would have access to a fully balanced fresh food diet containing a variety of vegetables and meats. However in reality, it’s even hard for us humans to achieve this for ourselves. If you and your pets are eating a variety of fresh foods, while eating processed foods in moderation, we’re all going to be okay! Getting too obsessed with our diets is not good for our health either. No matter what way you choose to feed your pets, it really is an individual choice and what we really want people to learn is ‘how to assess your pet' in order to determine their individual needs. If you are interested in learning more about building a healthy diet for your pet,”

Here's a great article for more information  

How to safely combine raw and kibble to achieve a healthy balanced diet. From Red Dog Blue Kat

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